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Thanks for the wonderful snkaey-peek :)I have a penchant for arty-farty as you know & I really like that shot of a light-bulb, it reminds me of an extreme close-up of a yellow plum that I snapped last year, looks a bit like a bloated Harvest Moon...brilliant ;)I think I'd feel quite at home in your house as it's full of interesting bits and pieces much the same as our pad. If there's one thing I simply cannot stand, it's one of those sterile interiors; devoid of personality. xXx

Snorren voor kanker
Snorren schijnen zelfs te helpen in de strijd tegen kanker

Eerst Nederlandse Snorrenclub

Mustaches for Milwaukee
Ook in Amerika heb je snorren.

Snorrenclub Antwerpen
In BelgiŽ heb je in elke stad een snorrenclub, daarom hou ik van BelgiŽ.

Mustache Memory

World Beard and Moustache Championships

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